Many Shallows: The Well


For a year, Felice had lived in the rundown house on the hill. She had moved there when her mother unexpectedly decided to remarry. Felice had never had a father, Frank would be her first. Shy and secretive, she wants nothing more than to be invisible, to be left alone to explore the strange forest that surrounds her new home. A tragic turn of events brings Felice and Frank closer together, but still she is drawn to the forest and its promise of freedom.

Many Shallows reimagines the lives and afterlives of Franz Kafka’s three great loves: Felice, Milena, and Dora. Rather than side notes in the famous writer’s life or vehicles for his desire, these women are reincarnated as the protagonists of their own surreal, macabre worlds. Felice is the protagonist in The Well, the first book in the Many Shallows series. The Well explores complex themes of social anxiety, loss and early sexual experiences.

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